BEach Body

I’ve been putting together some flyers to promote my new boxing classes.  And the inner marketing degree holder in me was looking for a catchy headline to draw attention to the poster.  Instantly I thought, “ah, it’s almost summer… maybe I should say something about beach bodies, or bikini bodies.”  And then I realised that goes against all my principles as a health coach and trainer.  When working with my clients I never encourage them to focus on weight loss or how they look.  It’s all about how they feel… do their clothes feel more comfortable, do they have more energy, do they feel inspired and motivated by life?  The only thing you need for a beach body is access to a beach!

However, there are plenty of reasons to exercise and looking good should be low on the priority list.  Here are 5 good reasons to exercise.

  1. Exercise decreases the risk of disease and health conditions. Exercise has been proven to balance blood sugar, reduce “bad” cholesterol, improve cardiovascular health, boost circulation, and decrease food cravings.
  2. Exercise improves the health of your mind. If you have been searching for the perfect remedy to combat anxiety or depression, then look no further. Exercise stimulates endorphins, which reduce depression and promote that happy feeling.
  3. Exercise gives you energy. Regular exercise boosts your energy levels. You may feel tired after a good workout, but you are delivering oxygen to your tissues, resulting in more energy because you have more oxygen flowing through your veins. By increasing the oxygen levels in your body, you also improve your digestion and the assimilation of nutrients.
  4. Exercise and sleep. Studies show that by flooding your body with more oxygen and releasing toxicity as you sweat, you can improve the quality of your sleep.
  5. Exercise and hormones. Exercise releases unwanted toxicity and supports your liver. By reducing the toxic load in your body, your hormones can work more efficiently, resulting in fewer mood swings and a better sex life.

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