My mum and my friend Linda know this face.  Dave is susceptible to getting this face.  This is the face of someone who is “hangry“.  Anger caused by hunger.  It’s a word that has been used to describe me from time to time.  And I was delighted when it was used by a certified nutritionist during a lecture for my course.  It means that this thing called hanger is real.  I knew it!

So why am I talking about this in relation to weight loss?  Well the thing about successful, long term weight loss is that you don’t want to go hungry.  It means that you aren’t regulating your blood sugar and you might get headaches, tiredness or fogginess and your metabolism starts to get out of whack.  And some people get HANGRY! I don’t know about you but once I’m in hanger mode all I want is a massive bucket of chips NOW!  Grrrrrrrr!

Which is obviously not the done thing when trying to lose weight.  It’s important to have regular meals throughout the day.  But not big meals.  You are better off to make your breakfast, lunch and dinner smaller than you might be used to and add in a good quality snack mid morning and  mid afternoon.  Did you notice I said breakfast?  Don’t skip it!  Make sure you get lots of protein at breakfast to help fuel you first thing.  Eggs, oats made with milk, avocado on wholegrain bread, smoothies with nuts and almond milk are all good sources of protein.  As for snacks you should also include protein and fibre.  Some great examples are a few almonds with an apple, Greek yogurt with frozen berries or raw veges with hummus.

This can take a bit of getting used to, but your mission this week is to play around with it.  Have breakfast every day and bring yourself some snacks to help with those hangry moments.  I’m sure Linda will be happy to know that I never ever leave the house without nuts these days!

P.S. Sydney-siders, there appears to be a cafe in Balmain called Hangry.  Perhaps you can check it out for me?