I was recently interviewed for a friend’s blog and one of the questions was to name 3 things about myself.  The number one answer was  I am a twin.  My twin’s name is Ben.  No, we are not identical – The big difference is I am a girl and he is a boy.  (You would be surprised how many times in my life I’ve been asked if we are identical after I say I have a twin brother.)  I have always loved being a twin.  When I was a little girl, friends would suggest dressing up the same and being ‘twins’ and I would always say “No, I can’t, I’m already a twin,” in a self important way.

Since we were 20 years old we have lived in different states (or countries).  We’ve never been fans of the phone so we could go long stretches without talking, but whenever we did, it was like we’d only spoken the day before.  We’d finish each other’s sentences and start singing the same songs at the same time after we’d been around each other for a day or so.   And one of the best things about my big move back to WA is that I am again in the same town as Ben –  I get to see him all the time and it’s great.  For some reason, being close to him helps me feel calm.  I guess we did spend 8 months (we were premature) of our early lives in very close proximity, so it’s something I am familiar with.

I was around at Ben’s family home for tea (dinner) last night and I discovered that he also likes to get into the kitchen from time to time.  I’m not really sure I’d noticed that before (although, come to think of it last week he did help make pizza bases from scratch).  Yesterday he spent a considerable amount of time and resources on a red wine jus to compliment the roast beef he cooked.  It was absolutely delicious and everyone wanted more – I just wished I actually ate beef so that I could’ve eaten as much as everyone else did!

By the way – this red wine jus is perfect with peas too.

red wine jus

Red Wine Jus


2 spring onions, chopped roughly

175 mL port

175 mL red wine

1 sprig fresh rosemary

1 bay leaf

750 mL homemade beef stock

Salt, to taste

2 rounded teaspoons butt

Put enough oil in a pan to just coat the shallots, then caramelise them. Add port, red wine and herbs, bring to boil. Simmer and reduce by half. Add stock and reduce by half again, to a consistency that will coat a spoon. Taste regularly and add a pinch of salt, if needed. Remove pan from heat and strain jus through a fine sieve. Return to stove and bring to a boil. Remove from heat and melt in butter


Source: http://www.bestrecipes.com.au/recipe/red-wine-jus-L6376.html