From a very young age (probably when she started walking or even before), my niece has  been interested in nature.  We often do “laps” around my mum’s property and we would get held up by her need to stop and look at a tree or some little flowers and when she was very little she loved gifting us with a handful of dirt, sticks and dry leaves.  She loves being out in the natural world and I hope this love never leaves her.

The other thing I wish that never left us is our innate ability to “exercise” when we are kids.  Especially before we get to school, human children know how to move.  They run after their pet dog, push anything with wheels. stretch, climb and then know instinctively when to rest.

When I thought about writing this post about having fun with exercise I was originally going to talk about “hiking” but on reflection I wanted to dial that back a bit.  Hiking needs boots and equipment whereas a trail walk just needs a nice bit of nature.


When was the last time you allowed yourself to just wander through a forest, or dawdle on the beach?


Getting in touch with nature in this way is not just about moving the body.  It’s about breathing the fresh air, grounding our feet and removing ourselves from the technology and busy-ness that follows us everywhere.

Plus a trail walk is something the whole family can enjoy together.

So, this month, I challenge you to go for a dawdle in nature.  Don’t make it a hard core hike.  Just mosey along a pretty track somewhere.  Do as my niece does and stop to look at interesting plants and to grab a handful of earth in your hands.

I promise you, your stress levels will love you for it.


Where ever you are in the world – I would love you to tell me your favourite bit of nature?  Is it a beach, a park, a forest?  Let us know in the comments section so we can all experience your favourite patch of the world.


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