Whenever I walk past a Zara store I get thrill of happiness run through me.  Not because I am thinking of all the fast fashion inside.  And not because it reminds me of overseas holidays and shopping there before it hit Australian shores.  It’s because it reminds me of my lovely friend who’s name happens to be Zara.

Yesterday I was lucky enough to have lunch with her (now that we live across the other side of the country from each other this is much harder than it used to be).  As always I walked away from our visit feeling happier, more optimistic and inspired.  Our lunch time conversation centred around body image issues.  We have both personally come a long way in this area and agree that too many of us care about how we look as if that is the most important thing.  Zara shared with me three questions that we should aspire to answer with a yes.  If we can, then who really cares if our tummies are flat or our arms are toned and tight?

1. Are you healthy? (some of the standard medical markers can be useful in determining this – vitamin and mineral levels, blood pressure, aerobic fitness etc..)

2. Do you feel good? (do you sleep well, do you have optimal energy to get you through the day with your chosen activities)

3. Do you like yourself? (If not, why not? – your loved ones love you for a reason!)