I have never ever been very good at waiting for things.  In fact, just this last weekend I was telling Mum how Ben and I used to rummage through her bedroom every year trying to find out what we were going to get for Christmas.  Patience has never been my thing…
But right now I am learning all about it.  And here is why…
  1. My stuff hasn’t arrived from Sydney yet – that’s one month without a bed people!
  2. My foot is STILL broken.  No real clue as to when that will resolve itself
  3. I just had a job interview and won’t know for another week whether I got it or not
  4. I can’t wait to start my own business!
And can you see what the common denominator is in all of this?  There is nothing I can do about any of it.  I just have to let it all go.  And breathe.  And relax.  And do other things that I love. Like cooking, reading, studying and being with my family.
So, why not?! Sounds pretty good to me.