Do you fall under one of the following categories when it comes to breakfast?

  • I don’t have time for breakfast
  • I don’t like eating first thing in the morning so I have a coffee when I get to work
  • I eat boxed cereal every morning but I crash by 10.30 and end up eating a muffin
  • I know cereal is full of sugar so I have vegemite on wholemeal toast -I’m healthy! – but then I get hungry by 9.30 and have my second breakfast which is usually banana bread, because who can resist banana bread right? (did you notice the extra justification here – that was my old habit!)*
  • The thought of a green smoothie makes me want to puke (ok, ok, we are all different!)

Well, here is the perfect solution for you which comes via my favourite food blog,


There really are no excuses with this breakfast.  It’s healthy, delicious (believe me!), it is prepared the night before so saves time in the morning and it can be eaten easily at your desk (or even in the car but don’t tell anyone I said that).

The No Excuses Breakfast

1/2 cup oats

A couple tablespoons each of chia seeds, shredded coconut, LSA (linseed, almond & sunflower mix)

1 tablespoon each of pepitas, goji berries, maca

Berries, yogurt (preferably plain & natural), milk of your choice (I used almond)

Put all the dry ingredients in the jar.  Put the lid on and mix well.  Shake it like a maraca – it’s fun!  Pour in milk until it pools on top.  Add a couple of dollops of yogurt and some berries.  Put it in the fridge overnight and it will all absorb the milk and be delicious and creamy in the morning.

By the way, you can mix this up with all your favourite ingredients.  You can add different nuts and seeds, protein powder or leave out the maca.  It’s your masterpiece.  But don’t add any sweeteners.  You really really don’t need it, I promise.

*When the banana bread & toast sales subsequently drop at Anto’s because the Henkel crew start eating this instead please tell him I’m sorry…