Dave and I are about to embark on a 10 week house-sitting job to the country. Five acres of rolling hillside, 2 gorgeous dogs and an outdoor pizza oven. So it feels like we have to be organised. What happens if I forget the truffle oil* for a fabulous recipe and the closest full-service supermarket is over 10 minutes away (I told you this is the outback!) and besides it closes at 5.30? Does that mean my whole meal is ruined?

I thought about it and realised that I could bring 15 or so cookbooks with me so I can fix any issues. But I’m trying to travel light (one large suitcase, a large boot-box sized shopping bag, 2 lululemon shopping bags and about 5 green bags) so I had to break it down to just one. And this is it:


I’m very excited. I haven’t used this book in quite some time and it has EVERYTHING!! No excuses for ingredients going off, no “I’ve got nothing in the pantry”. Just gorgeous every day recipes from the queen.

What’s your favourite cookbook?

* I have actually never used truffle oil. I wouldn’t know where to start.