When I speak to my clients, one of the biggest reasons they don’t exercise much is because they don’t have time!  For this reason, every month I will offer you a free exercise video that will be under 10 minutes.  So then there are NO EXCUSES!

The first exercise routine is yoga for the spine.

After working in a chiropractor’s clinic for many years I cannot emphasise enough how important spinal health is.  If your back is no good, that makes your life pretty crappy too.  Not only do we need our spines to hold us upright and keep us moving, the spinal column houses our very precious nerve supply.  This impacts our moods, our immunity, our physical functionality and so much more.

And unfortunately, our sedentary, stress-filled lives don’t really do our backs any favours.  So, if you want to improve your well-being in less then 10 minutes a day, I highly recommend this short yoga sequence.  It can even be done sitting on a chair, so why not do it at your desk at work?  Or sitting at stop lights in traffic?  Or first thing in the morning before breakfast?

Looking after your spine daily will have a massive impact on your health.  And this sequence encourages lots of deep breathing and present moment focus which will enhance relax & stress relief – also a great way to positively impact your health.

Schedule 10 minutes into your week (or day) to try out this sequence and please let me know what you think in the comments section below.


If you find you don’t exercise regularly for more than one reason (i.e. there is always an excuse) then please come to my free webinar on Tuesday 21st February at 6.45pm WA time.  In this session I will bust 5 reasons why people don’t exercise and help you create an achievable exercise routine you will love.  Register for the webinar here.