Solitude & Nature

Solitude & Nature

I was driving home (alone) from town after running some errands today and I drove past this sight.  It was so beautiful that I quickly found a safe place to turn so I could capture the moment on my phone.  And it reminded me how important  it is to be alone and in the great outdoors.  When was the last time you spent some time alone in nature?  Or some time alone.  Or in nature.  If you are finding it difficult to remember then you are missing out on two very important aspects of life.

Even if you are an outgoing, social person it is important to have time to yourself.  It helps you to really think and work through problems.  It helps you rediscover your inner voice and your own beliefs and most importantly it helps your mind to completely unwind and relax.  Even if you only get a few minutes a day – make them count.  Turn off your computer or phone (this is the hardest for me), shut your door to the world or get up 10 minutes earlier.  You will really start to crave and enjoy that time to yourself.

Research published in the June 2010 Journal of Environmental Psychology says that spending time in nature is important for increased vitality and energy (not to mention to restock our Vitamin D levels).  Instead of reaching for another cup of coffee or chocolate bar try getting outside for a 10 minute walk.  It really is more refreshing.

I am making the most of part-time work and low friend count!  I get quite a lot of solitude which I use to think and brainstorm ideas for this blog and for my business.  And as this town has to be one of the prettiest on the planet I do my best to get outside and by the water a few times a week.

Try to make the time to get outside alone – your brain & body will thank you for it!