Photo by Dave Polette 1/7/2013

Spirituality – there I said it.  It almost feels like a dirty word.  It feels like we shouldn’t be talking about it unless we are very religious and believe in God.  But the nutrition school that I am studying at talks about it all the time and encourages us to talk about it with our clients.  Which is something I have struggled with.  I was raised Catholic but have not practiced in over 20 years.  I’m not sure I believe in God but I have seen how faith can be such a comfort and also a community for others.  And I do believe that it’s important to feel that there is something bigger out there.  But how do I talk about Spirituality without alienating people?

I asked some of my fellow students and this is what they came up with:

  • Use words such as mindfulness, body awareness
  • Being open to the universe
  • When you are following your right path the world works with you to make it happen
  • Connection with nature or yourself, or something greater than yourself
  • What lights your spirit? – walking in nature, cooking, sitting in the sun with a hot cup of tea, reading, yoga etc.
  • Focus on gratitude

A lot of these ideas resonate with me.  I told a friend the day I left Sydney that my ideal job would be a part time receptionist at a chiropractor’s clinic and that is the one and only job I applied for here in Albany (believe me, that was a fairly random ideal job for me at the time).  When I first arrived here, every day for 3 months I wrote down 3 things that I was grateful for.  It definitely helped me in the first few months of this extreme life restructure that I had embarked on.  I now spend a lot more time in nature than I did in Sydney (and I almost always drive the long way so I am closer to the water).  I have a daily yoga practice which has made me much more mindful of my body and it’s strength.  And I truly believe that all of these things have helped me become the happier, healthier person I am today.

So when my brother posted this photo from his ride to work this morning it reminded me that I don’t mind how or why this beautiful world was made, I am just very lucky to be part of it.

How do you speak about or practice spirituality?