So much has happened already this month.  I’ve finished my health coaching course and I have graduated!  I turned 40 and celebrated with my twin brother & the rest of my family plus old and new friends.  I survived a month in a house with no internet (hence my sporadic posts lately).  And now I am about to launch my first product – A guided detox program.

I have learned so much over the past year, not only about weight loss but also about increasing energy and making my life happier and more productive.  Believe me, if I can make these changes, so can you!

I truly know that one of the best ways to take that first step towards a healthier and happier life is to change the way you fuel yourself.  It is so important to nourish yourself from the inside.

This is why I have created a detox program – it is definitely the first step in making some huge changes in your life.  Though I know most people will begin a detox as a method of weight loss, detox is really a much more valuable practice that will result not only in weight loss, but can also improve digestion and metabolism, uncover any hidden food allergies, and decrease any inflammation that can be going on. Inflammation is often a silent foe, leading to multiple complaints such as brittle nails, chronic colds, hormonal imbalances, dry skin, dry hair and constipation – to name just a few.  Reducing this inflammation is one of the best things about doing a detox.

I feel so proud of this program and whether 1 or 100 people sign up I feel amazed that I have come so far in one short year.