In this week’s video I’m talking about why we should all take on New Year’s REVOLUTIONS rather than resolutions (and there is a difference)!


Here’s a personal story to illustrate what I mean…

For the last month or so I’ve had a really sore Achilles tendon

I finally went to physio and she told me it is a menopausal symptom – what the hell?  It has something to do with a lack of estrogen and becoming more prone to tendonitis especially in the Achilles.

When women become post-menopausal their adrenal glands produce some estrogen (when they are not too stressed out).  This little issue has shown me is that I’m probably dealing with adrenal fatigue – too much stress and not enough downtime – a little ironic for this Body Love Coach!!

I’m a natural nurturer, and I often don’t put myself first, so this is a big wake up call that things need to change.

Alcohol and caffeine are not good for adrenal fatigue so I’ve decided to take a break from both for 2018.

For me this is a revolution, not a resolution – it is going to revolutionise my life, my energy levels, my enthusiasm and so much more.  It won’t be easy, but it’ll be worth it!


What is the difference between a resolution and a revolution?


In my mind a resolution is external – it’s about how you look or comparing your life to others, or doing something because the doctor said or your partner said or because you’re being bombarded by advertising telling you aren’t good enough as you are.

A revolution is more of an internal thing – how do you want to feel, who do you want to be, what are you here to do, who are you here to serve and how can you support yourself to do that to the best of your ability?


So, have you chosen new years resolutions or new years revolutions?

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Tell me in the comments, what’s your revolution going to be?