In this week’s video, I teach you all about Reiki and how it’s my favourite tool to de-stress, relax and energise the body.



You probably know this about me…

I am The Body Love Coach and I empower women to take care of their bodies with love and kindness so that they can feel strong, energised and confident and to live bright and creative lives.

I have created The Body Love Method which is a blend of everything I have learned from my studies as a health coach, personal trainer, yoga teacher and reiki practitioner and it’s a powerful protocol to help women really take care of themselves from a place of love and heal the habits that aren’t serving them.

I am also super-passionate about helping women manage their stress.

Stress can inhibit our bodies in so many ways.  From changing our moods to eating badly, to helping to create illness, to encouraging belly fat.  But it’s very hard in this busy world we live in, to actually stay completely stress-free – in fact, sometimes just trying to manage stress is stressful in itself!



What if I could introduce to you one simple & super-effective tool you can use to manage stress?  It exists and it is called Reiki.


I got into Reiki a few years ago.  One of my mentors used distance reiki as part of her monthly email newsletters and I loved it. I felt her energy as very relaxing and confident at the same time.  And I was intrigued.

That was in 2016 and that was the year my endometriosis started to come back so I was in a battle with my body and I was finding it very hard to love.  It felt easier to just “let it go”.

Luckily I was introduced to a local lady, Roslyn Douglas.  She is a Reiki Master which means she can teach others about Reiki.  I went to one of her courses and now I can also do Reiki sessions for my clients.

Learning about Reiki and the chakra system completely changed the way I look at the body and at stress management and has definitely informed how I created The Body Love Method and also how I try to live my life!



Here are a few facts about Reiki:


  1. Reiki is a Japanese hands-on healing technique.
  2. It stimulates a person’s own natural healing abilities – think about when you cut yourself, your skin will eventually heal. The body wants to take care of you but it’s our negative thoughts and not so positive actions that stop this from happening.
  3. Reiki helps to clear emotional and physical blocks.
  4. Gentle, harmless, natural, healing, deeply relaxing, energising.
  5. I do 30-minute sessions which include chakra balancing and essential oils diffusing and beautiful music. It is very very relaxing.




Have you tried Reiki?  I’d love to learn about your experiences in the comments below.

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