When I recently asked my Facebook group what is the thing that holds them back from a regular exercise routine, one of the most common answers was energy.  And as someone that suffers from severe endometriosis, I completely understand.  Whether you are tired from a busy lifestyle, or you lie awake at night with a head full or worries or if (like me) you have an underlying medical condition that holds you back – for so many of us a regular exercise routine can feel like an impossible dream.

But, the funny thing is… to help us become healthier, to encourage a good night’s sleep, to help combat stress… exercise is one of the most effective and cheapest way to boost energy and feel great.  But a hard core workout session is not the way to go.

Redefining “exercise”

Many women believe the *only* way to exercise is to go hard!  An hour on the cross trainer, or a full-on Body Pump class.  Many women think that a gentle walk doesn’t “count”.  And this is where many women get it wrong.

If you are exhausted, the last thing your body needs is hard core exercise. What is required is something much gentler – yoga, tai chi, qi gong or that gentle walk.

The other thing that isn’t required is a long exercise session.  When you are lacking in energy, a quick 10 minute session can really give you a boost with out adding to the exhaustion.

And when you are really run down, what you actually need is rest.  I would recommend giving yourself at least a week off exercise and use the time you would normally workout to have a power nap!  Then once you feel even a little bit refreshed you can start with 10 minutes of gentle exercise every other day and then slowly build up your strength and fitness.

For so many people, the idea of stepping into a yoga studio adds another layer of anxiety to an already stressed-out life.  If you’d like to learn a few yoga basics before tackling a full yoga class then get my free 7 day yoga course.  You will learn a basic sun salutation over the course of a week and pretty soon you’ll be down-dogging with ease!  Join up below.