The ripple effect

This morning I did some ironing.  I ironed more than one thing.  In fact it was 6 or 7 things!  So, why is this worthy of a blog post?  Well, I really don’t like ironing.  I think it has something to do with ironing for my parents to make pocket money and I had to iron Dad’s handkerchiefs.  Yep, Dad liked his hankies ironed!!  So, since I’ve started looking after my own laundry needs I have really avoided the iron.  Which means there is a whole section of my wardrobe that is underutilised.

You might be wondering what changed this morning… Well I sincerely believe it is because I have taken 28 days off alcohol to raise money for solutions to youth addiction.  I’m also doing it for my own health.  I find that wine is one of those things that creeps up on me and if I take a few weeks off it helps me to cut back for quite a while afterwards.  When I decide to improve one area of my life it creates a nice little ripple effect and other things also start to improve.  For example, I feel like ironing!

I have a new client that is also experiencing this ripple effect.  She has had 2 sessions with me and already she has made some massive improvements.  She is walking daily, she has increased her home cooking, she is more productive in her home business and she is even finding time to wind down with a bubble bath.  Oh, and she has a full time job too! If you’d asked her a few weeks ago to fit all of this into one day she would have thought you were crazy but now she has taken the first step to see a health coach to help improve her life she is feeling a lot more productive, and happier as a result.  By the way, she has already lost 3 centimetres off her waist which was something she wanted to do.

Is there an area or two of your life that you’d like to improve?  Less chocolate, more exercise, or something else?  Many of us need help with these goals and if that sounds like you then contact me for a free initial health strategy session.  It might be the first step in creating your own ripple effect!