My very first blog post was about gardening.  So, to all those people who thought my blog was going to be about gardening, my sincere apologies.  That garden didn’t last long for a number of reasons – we moved, I wasn’t very attentive because I was avoiding my neighbour (long story) and I also used to have an unfounded notion that gardening was supposed to be easy.  You either have a green thumb or you don’t.  So, gardens either come easily or they fail.

Of course, that is not true.  I realise that now.  Like everything in life that is worth pursuing, gardens take hard work.  It’s possible to make many mistakes before finding success.

Yesterday I stumbled across some kale seeds and it was a sign that it was time for me to try again.  Some of the profits from these seeds are donated to the local community which I also liked.  Another sign.  And today when I was shopping for some gardening supplies I ran into a family friend and she reiterated that all gardeners have some successes and some failures and that is all part of the process.  Sign number three.  Now, I’m not stupid – three signs are enough to propel me into action.

My rocket and kale and basil have all been planted.  Wish me luck!