A couple of weeks ago I posted on Facebook about my special offer for personal training.  If you pre-pay for 10 sessions you get $50 off.  I like to think of it as a scholarship towards some new workout gear 🙂

Jennifer commented on my post and asked “Can you do online sessions for us ladies in Perth?” and the answer to that is YES!.  I can do online sessions for anyone, anywhere.

See more about this in the video.

I really love online personal training sessions for 3 reasons:

  1. Online Personal Training saves time.  No need to drive to the gym, find parking etc.  You can do the session at home and even get dinner cooking while you are at it!  This means that it is much easier to schedule a session in and you will start to feel fitter and healthier in no time!
  2. Online Personal Training keeps you in your comfort zone.  I know in the past when I wanted to try personal training I was feeling self conscious about my weight and my fitness levels so the last place I wanted to be was in a gym or a park where anyone else could see me.  So online sessions mean you are at home and no one can see you except the personal trainer (and maybe the dog…).  Again, this means you are less likely to bail on a session and you will feel fitter & slimmer quickly.
  3. Online Personal Training sessions are easier to replicate on your own.  Because you are working out at home, the sessions will use equipment that you already have available.  You’ll be able to do the workout on your own.  This helps you to save money and get fitter quicker.

Can you see a pattern here?

I truly believe that online personal training will help you get fitter, slimmer, stronger and happier much faster than trying to find time to go to they gym.

There are 2 great ways to work with me… You can book a personal training session and try it out for yourself.  Use this link to find a session time that suits you.  (And if you love it you can book another 9 sessions to save $50).

Or, if you want to get even more results then join The Body Love Club – an online personal training program with a difference.  This program includes workouts, recipes and meditations without weigh-ins, calorie counting or judgement.  You can join the program for just $15 per week.

Or, try a taste for free.