Since I’ve moved to Albany I’ve felt a bit trapped.  You see I live at the top of a big hill.  I’m a five minute walk from work and a 7 minute walk to the centre of town.  But I can’t walk to these places because of my broken foot.  To a stranger there doesn’t appear to be anything wrong with me (I don’t think…) but my foot is still very weak.  So unfortunately I jump in my car and drive less than a kilometre to work or to town.  I really don’t like it because I am a natural walker.  Living in the Inner West of Sydney taught me that!

Two things happened this week to begin to change my feelings of being trapped.  One was Ladies’ Day and the other was a pair of very ugly & expensive shoes.

Ladies’ Day at the races is lot’s of fun.  A great excuse to get frocked up, wear something in your hair, have a few glasses of champers.  I have been doing FebFast (yeah, yeah Emma, we know!) but I bought a “pass out” so I could enjoy a few drinks at Ladies’ Day on Sunday.  Let me tell you, after 9 days of no drinking my tolerance had dropped considerably and my taste buds had also changed.  I kept up with the rounds but didn’t really enjoy the experience.  And the next day was a shocker.  I was hungover, I craved (and ate) junk food and just generally felt rather crap.  So I’ve decided to finish Febfast and then continue to not drink until May 11th 2013 – which is 3 months after Ladies’ Day.  Wish me luck!  I am using a great website called Hello Sunday Morning as a motivator and support.  Check it out if you are interested.  (And my friend Debbie has been awesome too!)

While I felt like crap on Monday I had a podiatrist appointment (yep THE podiatrist) and I told him that my foot is still holding me back and that I felt trapped at the top of my hill.  He initially thought I was a crazy but after a few tests (“Does this hurt?” “yes” “Does this hurt?” “YES!” “Does this hurt?” “Nup” “But this does?” “YES!” Why do medical people do that??) he realised that hills are probably not my forte right now.  So he sent my off to buy some very ugly, expensive and supportive shoes for exercising in and I need to go back to see him in 4 weeks.

And then on Monday night, Dave and I started a new ritual – Night Walks.  Every night after dinner (when Dave is home which can feel like rarely) we will go for a walk.  We’ve decided it’s our 25 minutes a day where we can just whinge!  Get out all the stresses.  Swear.  Stamp your (good) foot.  Wail.  And for me this is very important.  I have been guilty of drinking to help relieve stress, but why not just talk about it instead?  And if I get stuck walking on the hill then Dave is strong enough to carry me home (or perhaps he can just grab the car and come and get me?)

I’ve recently finished reading Ultimate Wellness by Prof Kerryn Phelps and she speaks a bit about spirituality (which seems to be a bit of a theme for me right now).  She talks about finding your “tribe”.  Dave is definitely my tribe.  Yes we are siblings, but we are also really interested in health & fitness and both (want to) keep alcohol to a minimum.  I’m really looking forward to getting to know Dave better during our Night Walks and opening up to him as well.

The best thing about it is we have the same silly humour.  Besides the whinging and swearing there is a lot of laughter  – which really is the best medicine!

NIght Walk

(And if you think the streets of Albany look mean and gritty at night, don’t worry!  As we took these photos under the street lamp a car did 3 laps around us to make sure we weren’t doing anything dodgy.)