One of the most important ways to show your body love is to give it regular, nourishing movement.  Our bodies want to move!

But it’s easy to have a shopping list of excuses – no time, no money, don’t like sweating, I’m not fit, I just can’t…

Well, it’s time to rip up that list because I am sharing with you my favourite yoga sequence of all time!

This yoga sequence is short, it will strengthen & centre you and it will give you a great big dose of deep breathing which will instantly relax and energise you at the same time.


Don’t believe me?

Give it a whirl and then let me know how you went in the comments section below.


And if you need help to get motivated to move more, then request a free copy of The Motivation Handbook – an e-book I wrote for people just like you, who want to take care of their bodies with love but just can’t seem to get or stay motivated.