The benefits of exercise are well known.  I’ve even written a blog post about them.  But I guess what you might not be expecting is that as a personal trainer I wish all  of my clients would start a regular meditation practice.  In fact, I could almost go as far as to say that the benefits of meditation are greater than the benefits of exercise.

Time for some real talk.

Do you exercise to feel good?  Really?  Or is it because you have a roll of fat across your tummy, or because your thighs are looking hefty?  Or is it because you ate a heap of chocolate last night and you’re feeling guilty  Or is it because you live in fear of getting a deadly disease?


Imagine getting rid of body image issues, guilt about what you eat, and any fear of the future.  Imagine instead loving yourself unconditionally.


It’s absolutely possible.  And it’s what comes with a regular meditation practice.

Meditation strengthens your emotional well-being, increases your immunity, supercharges your mind and helps to create a healthier body.  I love the infographic in this article.  It gives you 76 reasons to meditate.

And then once you increase your self-esteem you’ll want to exercise regularly because your body deserves it!  And the endorphins are awesome!

If you want to learn more about starting a meditation practice check out my free training.

Have you tried meditation? Did you love it?  If you don’t like it or haven’t tried it, I’d love to know your thoughts.  Tell me in the comments section below.