One of my favourite things from the past few weeks are the DIY Rainbows that have been popping up around Australia and the world! For those who have no idea what I am talking about here is a quick run down – there was a pedestrian crossing in Darlinghurst in Sydney which was painted as a rainbow to commemorate the gay community in the area. The state government decided to remove it as it was seen as a safety risk. Since then, “Do it yourself” chalk rainbows are being drawn on roads & pavements all across the world. Here is a gorgeous one that was drawn tonight at Sydney Harbour!

Photo from DIY Rainbow Crossings on Facebook

Photo from DIY Rainbow Crossings on Facebook

I love the sense of community it showcases and also the guerrilla style tactics. And of course I love the fact that the whole thing endorses marriage equality and the universality of love. If you love this idea then like their Facebook page.

I’ve realised all this love & colour is rubbing off on me. I went shopping for some new slippers today and couldn’t go past these ones.


I’m pretty sure I could feel a few eye rolls from here and I completely understand them. It’s either the DIY Rainbows influencing me… or maybe it’s because I’m living with my mum again and I’m regressing to my early teens? Either way I <3 them!