It can be hard getting back into the swing of things after the end of year holidays.  But I was lucky (?) enough to get to start work on Friday 2nd of January rather than having to wait until the 5th like almost everyone else.  Why is that lucky?  Well it just means that I am up and about and feeling motivated.  It means I spent slightly less time on the lounge than I might have wanted to.

It also meant that I ran into my friend Beth who is inspiring me by doing the Whole30 starting on Monday.  It is a more full-on version of my Cleanse Detox (starting January 28th) – mainly because it goes for 30 days rather than 7 days.  But there are lots of amazing paleo & detox-friendly recipes to be found if you want to feel inspired.  My favourite from today was Lizard Sauce from the blog The Clothes Make The Girl.  If you like a bit of spice in your life its work making – and full of veggies too!

So, what is the point of trying a Cleanse, or Whole30?  Well, there are lots of common foods that can wreak havoc on your digestive system causing weight gain, fatigue, bad skin, constipation and bloat.  By giving your body a rest from these foods and finding out if they do cause you problems you can make informed choices for yourself in the future.  Its worth it, I promise!