It’s been a long time since I undertook any formal study.  Now that I’ve ditched my sales job and decided on a new career in health & fitness, getting some qualifications is essential.  And to be honest I am loving it!  Even yesterday with the temperature hitting 40, our house having no air con or insulation, and me with a slightly sore head from the night before I hit the books  Yay me!  I completed 2 modules of my Certificate III in fitness.  Well when I say completed…  I just can’t seem to pass the final exam for Module 5 (which just happens to be nutrition which should be my thing).  Just so you know, to pass means to get 100% and not one mark less than that.  Each time you don’t pass you have to wait 2 hours to attempt the test again.  Twice last night and once already today I have failed.  And felt pretty crappy about it too.  The mistakes I have made a silly lazy ones like missing questions and ticking true instead of false by accident.

The old me would have felt like crap and swear and carry on.  Now I am just getting it out of my system by sharing it with you.  And I’ve got to check my work before I submit the exam!!  This stuff is important to me so I’d better start treating it with a bit more respect.