Yesterday I was here.

Greens Pool

Not bad huh?  But of course the beach comes with a whole set of insecurities.  Wearing bathers in public, getting sunburnt in 2 minutes flat, negotiating the waves (ok there weren’t any waves).  I love being at the beach with my niece and nephew though.  They know how to have fun in the sun with absolutely no worries (its also helpful that their mum and dad keep a close eye on them with lots of sunscreen and hats!)

I was digging a massive hole with my 5 year old nephew (we thought we might come across some dinosaur remains) and we were having a lovely chat.  I noticed a toddler wearing a gorgeous little bathing suit with a tutu.  I said I wish I had a swimsuit that looked like that.  And my nephew straight away said “well you should get one Aunty Em.”  I said “wouldn’t I look silly in something like that?” and he responded “Nah.  And if you want to wear something then you should just wear it if it makes you happy.  And if you can’t find some of those bathers at the shop then you should just wear a dress over your own bathers.”  Have I mentioned that my nephew is a smart kid?

Later we had spent some time at Elephant Rocks and we were taking a different track out of the beach.  It was bit hotter and sandier than the way we came in.  I said “This s is a lot harder than the other way.”  My nephew straight away said “Well we had to go this way Aunty Em because we haven’t been this way before!”  Just had to reinforce that my nephew is a smart kid.

So in short, this is what I learned from my nephew…  Just do what makes you happy and try new things!