I know that most people reading this post will assume I am talking about potato chips.  And yes that is correct, I am addicted to them.  But it is old news and really not worth talking about.  It’s in my DNA, I can’t change it.  Live with it, ok?!

I have realised over the past few weeks that I am incredibly addicted to the internet.  This might also be old news for a lot of you.  More than a few times in my life I have been accused of “playing with my phone a lot.”  I feel separation anxiety if I leave my phone in the car for 5 minutes while I pick up my “click & collect” at the supermarket.  I end up staying awake longer than I meant to because I just have to check Facebook again, and Twitter, oh and Facebook and when did I last look at Pinterest?

Obviously, as I write this post that will be published online, the internet is an important part of my business.  I blog, I have a Facebook page, I even guide people through detoxes using the internet.  But I really feel that it has taken over my life.  And I want to stop.  And the first step is to admit I have a problem.  I HAVE A PROBLEM!  The biggest problem is that I don’t have any “me” time – where I can just relax, empty my mind and chill.  Because I am always on the damned phone!

So, I need to make some changes.  Lot’s of small ones will add to up to a big change.  I know that I can do this.  And that’s because I really want to!  For the last few days I haven’t taken my phone with me on my morning walks with the dogs.  (I know, can you believe I used to use the 20 minutes between 6.50 and 7.15 am obsessively checking my phone?  I mean, COME ON EMMA!).  And then today from the hours of 10.45 to 17.45 I went on a day trip to Cape Riche.  I drove myself  so I couldn’t use the internet while driving (I haven’t sunk that low people!).  And then once I got there, there was no reception.  In other words, no internet!

What did I do instead?  Well mostly I hung out with my niece and nephew.  We went climbing on the rocks and spent a good 20 minutes huddled on one little rock on the beach yelling at the ocean to send us “the biggest waves you can” and then giggling when the foamy currents washed over our toes.  We yelled and we giggled and we had an adventure.  And it was fantastic.  I must admit the phone did come out, but only so I could take these gorgeous photos.

Photo 16-11-2013 1 10 58 pm Photo 16-11-2013 1 17 32 pm Photo 16-11-2013 3 19 35 pm