It was there a couple of weeks ago and now it’s gone!  Yes I still have a stomach, what’s gone is the flabby bit over the top.  To me it feels like a miracle because my tummy has always been there.  So how did I lose it?  Well, I have to thank Dr Libby Weaver for her advice and myself for taking it on.

This whole thing has taken a long time.  I can track my progress via my favourite black work pants.  Eighteen months ago they were very tight around my tummy.  At the beginning of last year they were snug.  By the middle of the year they were comfy.  But after my broken foot they went back to being snug.  Nowadays they are loose.  Not just around the tummy but also around the bum.  And I just look less bloated than I was 2 weeks ago.

These are not stretch pants!

These are not stretch pants!

Over the past 18 months I have learned a lot about my health.  At the beginning of 2012 I started Michelle Bridges 12wbt – and this taught me all about portion sizes and doing some sort of exercise on most days.  In May I realised I had a bit of problem with sugar so I got on board with Sarah Wilson’s I Quit Sugar Program.  In September & October I left my corporate job and Sydney which had been causing a lot of stress which wasn’t good for me.   In November I started my health coaching course with Integrative Nutrition which has taught me SOOOOOOOOO MUCH!  Mostly I have started eating a lot more whole food and I am eating a lot more local seasonal produce.  In February this year I gave up alcohol, firstly for one month and now for 3 months.

But I can tell you want to know what has happened in the last 2 weeks?!  Well, first of all I have to say that I know a lot of the changes I have made already might sound hard or boring or lacking in any sort of fun.  It’s just not true.  I have never eaten such delicious food in all my life.  I eat something “sweet” almost every day.  I still cave into my craving Nemesis (chips) from time to time.  And I am happier, calmer, more energetic and mentally stable than I have been since I can remember.  I feel super amazing.

Ok, Emma, blah blah blah.  What happened in the last two weeks????  I finished reading Dr Libby’s book “Accidentally Overweight” and I took on 3 things

1. I realised my liver has been through a bit too much over the last few years and was probably very sluggish.  I have stage 4 endometriosis which has probably been caused by my sluggish liver.  The reduction in alcohol has been good but my liver still needed a bit of a kick start.  So I’ve started taking some Liver Detox tablets which have worked a treat.  I have been detoxing that’s for sure.  I’ve broken out a bit and I’ve felt a bit head-achy.  But that seems to have subsided.

2.  I have given up my one coffee a day.  Yep, I only had one a day and it’s gone.  I couldn’t imagine life without it but that’s exactly why I had to give it up according to Dr Libby.  If there is something in your life you just can’t imagine going without, it’s probably the thing that should go – at least for 4 weeks, just to see how you feel.  With coffee, it gets your adrenalin going which can cause your body to send your blood flow to your limbs instead of your digestive system which can cause bloating.  I think that was happening to me.

3. I have been having problems with my hip & knee (due to the bloody broken foot) so I haven’t been doing high intensity exercise.  This is a hard one to get my head around as a future Personal Trainer.  But here is the rationale: high intensity exercise can cause your body stress (when stressed, the body goes into flight or fight mode).  Ongoing stress causes the body to release the hormone cortisol.  This triggers the body to store fat, especially around the tummy to protect our internal organs.  So sometimes it’s good to take a break from high intensity stuff to calm the body down for a while.  I’m getting into walking & yoga instead.

These things may or may not work for you.  There is so much going on here – I quit a stressful job, I moved close to my family, I’ve been adjusting my diet for over a year.  But I would suggest that ANYONE can benefit from reading “Accidentally Overweight” whether you are overweight or not as it will help you understand your body better and how stress and other things can impact your body, energy levels and your well-being.  Being healthier is a life-time project.  It can be hard, it can be challenging but the benefits definitely outweigh the difficulties!

If you have any life-changing health tips, I’d love to hear about them!