For a very long time my exercise focus has been about FEELING good.  Don’t get me wrong, I also like to look good, but more & more I am realising the importance of exercise is not to get a 6 pack, but it’s impact on mood, energy and confidence.

This theory was reinforced to me earlier this year when I had my hysterectomy and could not exercise for 6 weeks (in fact the day this post is published is the start of the first week I can get back into proper exercise.  Although I have done some walking and gentle yoga, I haven’t yet worked up a sweat and I MISS IT).

And the whole “looking good” thing has also been challenged.  I currently have a “swelly” belly that may or may not dissipate with exercise.  No matter… I know that once I exercise regularly again, my big belly won’t bother me so much because I will get the benefits of exercise – I’ll be happier, more nourished and motivated.

So, you can imagine my delight when a client shared this video with me.  It’s produced by Fitness First, a chain of gyms.  I am genuinely thrilled that a gym is finally focusing on how exercise can make you FEEL rather than LOOK.  There’s enough pressure on our looks from popular culture without the health industry having to weigh in (pun kind of intended lol).

Check out the awesome experiment below.  And tell me in the comments below how fit feels to you… or if you’ve had a change of heart about why exercise is important.

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