I was very lucky to have my bestie, Rachel, and her family visit me in Albany last weekend.  It was a trip we had planned for a very long time which went a lot quicker than we had imagined.  It was filled with lots of great food, copious amounts of wine and time with the family.  Rachel and I did manage to get an hour or so on our own to shoot the breeze which was really lovely.  We are the sort of friends where it feels like we just saw each other yesterday when really it had been almost 6 months.  So, knowing we didn’t have a lot of time together, Rachel got straight to the point and asked me about how happy I was.  I think there is a small part of her that hoped I was pining for Sydney, but that is unfortunately not the case.  I was able to relay to her how lately I have been feeling “content.”  For a lot of people that might not sound like much.  But for me, content = balance = happiness.  I recalled for Rach how I used to feel content from time to time many, many years ago.  And how those times were always when I was happiest.  And how those times had not been around for close to 10 years.  And that I had actually forgotten that they existed.   Until now.

Then today, I was listening to a lecture on “success” which reinforced what I was trying to convey to Rachel.  Success can be a dangerous word because it usually relates to facts & figures and has nothing to do with feelings.  If you get your sales target for the month you are successful but if you feel like a burnt out shell of yourself to get there can that still be classed as success?  I’m not sure…  For me, I realised that it wasn’t enough to feel successful and funnily enough, a year since I quit my corporate career to follow this dream I am feeling happier & more successful than I have in 10 years.  I might not have much money, but I feel so much richer in ways that are important to me – such as being close to most of my family and helping others to feel healthier and happier in themselves.  To do this I had to create a dream and just start following it.  The dream & goals keep changing and that’s ok, because they are mine instead of someone else’s.

What are you going to do this year, this week, this day to feel the way you want to feel?


Carl Jung