On Saturday night I made an uncomfortable discovery…

It all started at RATS. This is an unexpected name for a lovely tapas & wine bar at Middleton Beach here in Albany. Mum and I decided to go out for a nice meal, a couple of wines and some deep & meaningful conversation. It was great. We loved RATS, didn’t see any, and went home at 10pm. Sounds perfect so far, right?

So, I was home at 10, its a long weekend, Dave was away. It seemed like the perfect opportunity for a chick flick. And the one I chose was, *drum-roll please* “Love Actually“. And here is where I made the grisly discovery… “Love Actually” may have distorted my expectations for love, actually.

Love Actually

I have never had someone chase me down in an airport to say goodbye, I’ve never had the guy with the signs outside my door, I’ve never fallen in love with the prime minister after swearing at him on our first meeting and I’ve never met someone while acting as a body double on a movie.

But it’s definitely not all doom and gloom in the romance stakes.  I’ve had 2 strangers give me flowers (do you remember the Impulse ads from the 80’s?), I’ve been proposed to, and I’ve had someone sing me a song in a crowded pub.  And I have always known love from my friends and family.

And the big thing I am learning about now is loving myself.  Eating very healthy, nourishing food and daily exercise shows love to my body.  Writing and cooking show love to my soul. The (rare) kisses & cuddles with my niece give love to my heart.  A guy at the door with some signs wouldn’t go astray, but I already have a lot of love in my life and I am falling for myself more and more each day.