Today my dad would have turned 69.  My god that’s old!  He would have spent the morning out for a walk with his dog, then a bit of time with his racing pigeons and would have enjoyed a family dinner at home with all of us.  I imagine that would have  been the case anyway.  Unfortunately this is the 14th birthday we’ve had without him.

My dad was a complicated man.  He was funny & fun, he was a bit of a Gobbledok, he was passionate about and sometimes frustrated by the world, he loved to learn, but overall he was kind & gentle.  I love(d) him an awful lot.  I guess you could say I was a Daddy’s girl.

He would be very proud of his family if he was still here.  Mum has become an intrepid explorer.  I admire her ability to take off and discover new cities on her own.  I bet Dad would have been jealous of her trip to the US where she saw Bruce Springsteen live! Josh is a fantastic father and a respected corporate exec.  Ben is also a gorgeous dad and so hard-working.  Dave is everybody’s favourite -basically he is the “best” according to his niece (and many others).  And all those grand-kids – he would have loved them to bits.  He would have shot hoops with Aidy whenever he was asked and I think he would have loved buying little fluffy toys for Carys, just like he did for me.  He would have loved watching all of the concerts put on by Abby & Katie.  And I reckon he would’ve embraced Skype & email just so he could be closer to them.  He might have even overcome his dislike of flying!

And as for me, I’m complicated, just like my dad.  I’m funny & fun, I am definitely a Gobbledok, I can be easily frustrated by things outside of my control, I like to think I’m kind.   I bet he would have been thrilled that I’ve moved home and that I am following my dream of a new life and career.

Happy birthday Dad, I miss you.