I wanted to have a chat to you about setting goals.

Up until quite recently, I was really adverse to setting goals.

You see, back in my old corporate life we’d get a sales target every month and if you didn’t reach your goal, you were kind of a little bit shamed for it and it always felt really disappointing. Because of that, I’ve always felt, if you set a target or set a goal, it’s kind of setting yourself up for failure.

But recently I’ve realised unless you put yourself out there and say exactly what you want to achieve, it’s unlikely to actually happen.

In order to get results, to get the things that you really want in life, you need to set goals.

And to set a goal that’s meaningful and achievable you need to really take stock of where you are right now and where you want to be in the future.

I use a tool with all of my private clients called the Circle of Life and I thought, why not take you through how I do this with my clients. That way you can start to set yourself some meaningful goals and hopefully get some amazing results over the next few months.

This is quite an interactive post. I want you to grab a piece of paper and a pen and then come back and get ready to do this.

Okay. If you’ve got your pen and paper, let’s go!  First of all, what you need to do is draw a very big circle on your piece of paper. Then draw a line down the middle and a line across and then two diagonal lines. You end up with eight lines all together and we are going to plot some different things on each of these eight lines so that you can see where you are right now and where you want to make improvements in your life.

Each line has a different segment of your life:

  • Daily Life
  • Spirituality
  • Joy
  • Healthy Eating
  • Physical Activity
  • Inner Strength
  • Love
  • Self Care

Now, what you need to do is plot where you are right now so you can decide what areas of your life need support for the future.

So, for instance, In terms of daily life, (like your work, your finances, getting out of bed in the morning), if you’re really satisfied and nothing could be better, you’d put a dot right on the outside of the circle. If you’re really unhappy and you wish everything would change, you can put a dot on the inside of the circle. Or, if you’re kind of happy you can put your dot halfway along or whatever is appropriate.

Next, move on to spirituality.  You may have a religious practise or you may not, you may have a special place in the world that makes you feel really connected, you may not.  You may believe in the universe, you may not, so whatever your spiritual practice is (you may have no spiritual practise and that’s fine), rate your satisfaction levels.

Then continue on and rate your satisfaction with all the different elements.  Once you finish the whole circle, join up all the dots up and you’ll get your picture of your whole life.

Is it really big and everything’s great or are there some jagged bits where there’s parts of your life that you need to work on? Usually those things will make themselves obvious, so that’s how you decide on your goals.

A lot of these things won’t happen overnight, so choose a few things to do this month, a few more for a few months time and a few more goals for later in the year.

Without this Circle of Life, you can’t really plan and make changes because you’re not taking stock of where you are right now.  So, I really recommend if you want to set some goals, make some changes in your life and really get results, then start with the Circle of Life and start by really understanding where you are right now.

Good luck with it and tell me in the comment section how you’ve gone or if you’ve got any questions.  I would love to hear from you and what you think of the Circle of Life.

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