Whether it’s health and fitness goals or it’s a big financial goal or wanting to go on a massive holiday or meeting the right guy, taking the time to write down and plan how to achieve goals is essential.  If we don’t do that, our big dreams are unlikely to come true.

When it comes to making goals you really should start with taking stock of your life as it is right now. I’ve talked a bit about that before in the Circle of Life video. I really recommend taking stock of where you are right now and doing the Circle of Life first. That’s step one.

Now we’re  in step two, which is actually setting the goals. I recommend you don’t have too many goals at one given time.  Two, maybe three maximum is what you should be working on. If there’s too many then things get overwhelming and they don’t happen.



Get Smart!

You need to make them SMART goals, and I don’t mean that you need to try to improve your intelligence. SMART is an acronym that gives you a great framework to set yourself goals that will actually achieve.

S is for specific, so get very specific about what you want to achieve, and what your goal is.  If the goal is wishy-washy it’s very hard to know if you’ve actually achieved it or even where to start.

M equals measurable, so you must be able to measure the success of your goal.   For instance, I don’t really enjoy putting weight loss goals on my clients because I think the scales are a little bit of a tricky thing.  Instead you could measure a health & fitness goal by having a pair of pants that are currently a little bit tight and notice how different they feel over the weeks of starting a new fitness program.

A is achievable or attainable. You might want to lose 20 kilos in a week, but that’s not actually achievable. You need to set goals that are achievable, not only in terms of the actual result that you want but also that you can fit what is required to achieve the goal into your (already hectic) lifestyle.

R is realistic. Is the goal something that can happen? If you’ve got a weight loss goal for instance and you’ve never been able to lose a lot of weight before then maybe you need to think about how you’re doing it and make changes to your approach so the goal is a realistic one for you!

The last one is T for timely or a timeframe. Without an actual deadline most of us are the same; we’ll start something but unless we need to have it finished by a certain deadline its very unlikely to happen.

The first step in making great goals are to make them SMART.

Decide how you want to feel!

The second thing that I think is extremely important when it comes to setting goals is to really FEEL the goal. Really understand why it is you want to achieve the goal. For instance, if we go back to the 20 kilo weight loss, which again, is not my favourite kind of goal, but let’s say that’s your goal, then you want to understand WHY you want to achieve that.

You may want to lose 20 kilos because they’re not feeling very well, you don’t feel very energetic, or you’re not very confident in yourself. Besides losing the 20 kilos in a timeframe and in a way that’s achievable and realistic, you also want to understand why you want it.   Add in that feeling you want to your goal so it anchors into your body and into your mind and into your heart.  That way you’re much more likely to follow through when times get tough.

Write your goals down

The third element of setting goals is writing them down and communicating them to other people, because that’s where the accountability starts.   I actually recommend you to constantly write them down on spare pieces of paper or into your notes on your phone.   Any time that you’re doodling or you’ve got a spare piece of paper around you, write it down and write it down again and write it down again. Because the more often you write down your goals, the more realistic it will become in your mind that this thing is going to happen!

Those are my three tips for setting goals that you will actually achieve: SMART goals, feeling into the goals, and writing them down as often as you can. If you use that process and you’ve set a couple of goals I’d love to know what they are, so you can write them down in the comments section below and let me know if you’ve found this helpful.

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