Giving Up M&M’s is hard – but worth it!

I used to be an M&M addict.  Or more specifically, a peanut M&M addict.  I realised it was becoming a problem when a friend bought me a large packet to eat while I was recovering from surgery.  Not only did I not share them with her, I waited until she left and I opened the packet immediately.  And then I ate them. ALL.  IN ONE SITTING.  AT 10PM.  And yep, I felt sick.  That night I promised myself that I would never eat a peanut M&M again.  It has been 632 days. (Yes, I do remember the date I gave them up).  I believed that these tasty morsels were so irresistible that I had to give them away FOREVER.  I replaced this habit with a Freddo Frog habit pretty quickly.  And 3 months later I gave up refined white sugar for good.

So I applaud Google for encouraging their staff to eat a little healthier (See the link at the top of the post).  It’s hard to resist colourful bite-sized nuggets of yummy when they are IN YOUR FACE EVERYDAY!

I recommend one of the best ways to give up an unhealthy food habit is to crowd those foods out with good stuff.  Fill your fridge so full of healthy food that there is no room for M&M’s.  Or fill your cookie jars with fruit like Google did.  Try it for a month – see what happens!  Let me know how it goes.