Ok, team.  Hopefully you have noticed something.  I am no longer handing out weight loss tips.  I’ve decided that I want you to feel your best.  That could mean you should “love the skin you’re in” (damn you Olay!*) or that you want to feel better – more energy, looser pants, glowing skin.  I’ve just started reading Dr Libby Weaver’s book Accidentally Overweight. She is my new favourite person (sorry Mum!)  and I absolutely subscribe to the idea that weighing yourself is really just weighing your self esteem.  As my brother Dave pointed out to me, your weight can change a kilo or two A DAY, so why focus on that?  Don’t you want to just feel better?  I know I feel 1 million times better now that I have changed some of my habits and the added bonus is that my tummy is flatter.  The number on the scale hasn’t really changed but I have WAY more energy, my skin glows and I feel great.  So that explains the name change!

Back to the tip.  We all know we need to exercise more.  But for a lot of people the word exercise is like a four-letter word.  So that’s why I suggest you MOVE more (which, funnily enough is a four-letter word).  Find ways to increase the amount of movement in your life.  Do some stretches when you get out of bed, get off one stop early on your way to work and walk, dance around the lounge room with your kids, send your print job to a printer on a another floor.  There are so many ways to add movement to your life.   If you are still stuck think about what you liked doing as a child – dance, athletics, rough-housing with a sibling?  Then maybe Zumba, running or boxing might be your thing?

Try to add some weight bearing or resistance exercise into your routine.  More muscle means that your metabolism will fire and you will have a leaner looking shape.  Click on this link to get some more information about starting resistance training.

I’ve added walking back into my life.  I love to walk everywhere and I’ve missed it since I broke my foot.  I’ve mentioned before that I have felt trapped at the top of a hill even through I am less than one kilometre into town.  Today, I accomplished my first solo walk to and from the farmers markets and I conquered this hill!


Disappointingly it doesn’t look like much in the photo but it is rather substantial!  And the sense of accomplishment I feel is fantastic.  No one can stop me now!

I’d love to hear about the one new movement that you are going to add into your life.  Let me know in the comments section below.

* I worked at Procter & Gamble for 8 years and my favourite brand there was Olay.  I think that the tag line from their ads will be stuck in my brain forever.  It’s not the worst motto in the world!