Here’s the thing… as a long-term single woman, I don’t know how qualified I am to write about this topic.  But I do have vague memories of how falling in love could be classed as exercise.

Let’s start at the courtship stage.  Do you remember the first time you laid eyes on your honey?  DId your heart start pounding?  Did the blood rush to your cheeks?  Did you feel a bit light headed?  Isn’t that the same as going for a light jog?

And then you would have exchanged lots of phone calls while you got to know each other.  You might have had to jump up from a meal to chat outside, or walk to the other end of the office to get some privacy.  Well that all adds to the step count doesn’t it?

Then there would have been that first kiss.  More pounding hearts and flushed cheeks.  But did you know a good french kissing session can burn a heap of calories?  Oh yes, up to 90 calories per hour!

And then, maybe things got serious.  You got married* and finally had sex.  Making love can be one hell of a workout ( and a bit of fun too, from memory…).  It can burn serious calories, encourage breathlessness and increased heart rate.  A lot like a good run.  In fact you can use this calculator to find out the calories expended after a session in the sack.

So if you don’t feel like heading to the gym or your favourite fitness class isn’t on today, why not give your honey a little wink… and see what happens!

*marriage not always neccessary.



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