This week I watched a lecture about raw food from David Wolfe.  I really liked him and a lot of what he was saying.  But the idea of a raw food diet seems pretty full on to me.

But since I’ve been in Albany I have been eating a lot more salad.  I’ve got more time to prepare, everyone keeps giving me fresh veges from their gardens and it’s summer.  And I feel so much better when I am eating fresh, raw veges.  Think about it… when you see beautiful fresh produce and the myriad of colours it is so appealing!  Back in the day this is what attracted our ancestors to pick and eat the food.  All those colours are nature’s way of telling us that the food is full of antioxidants which is like an insurance policy for your future wellbeing.  They can help protect you from killers like heart disease and cancer and they help you to look younger for longer. Did you know that chocolate in its raw form (cacao) contains the highest antioxidant level of anything known to man?  This raw thing can’t be all bad can it?!  For a great raw treat containing cacao look here.

This David Wolfe said a few other things that I liked.  He said that when you get your restaurant meal always eat the parsley.  At least you know you are eating something that is raw.  If you eat too many nuts you will go nuts, if you eat to many bananas you will go bananas.  Too much of anything is not good for you.   Eating a varied raw diet as much as you can will make yourself more aware of what you are eating and what feels good for you.  One of the easiest ways to start is by juicing and blending.  My sister-in-law and I made some green juices the other week that were fantastic.  Very refreshing and oh so healthy.  We got our recipes from the body+soul website.

And most of all he reminded me that instead of eating grey, gelatinous, overly cooked food, I deserve healthy food and all of the benefits it brings to me.  And so do you.  I am not going to go 100% raw, but I am going to incorporate more of it into my diet.

green juice