Just a really quick question about exercise – I wonder if it makes you happy?  In my humble opinion, if exercise makes you miserable, then you are doing it wrong!  There are 3 things you can do to make exercise more fun:

1. Choose the right exercise for you!

If the thought of getting red faced and sweaty makes you run for the hills then do something you like (maybe yoga or pilates, swimming or walking) and of course visa versa.  If yoga makes you fall asleep then try something a bit more upbeat (boxing, zumba or Crossfit).  And please don’t forget that running around after your kids, gardening and cleaning also counts as exercise!

2. Be as consistent as you can!

If you only exercise once a week (fortnight, month, year or decade!) then two things might happen.  The first thing is it will be haaaaaaaaard.  Even if you do very gentle yoga, you won’t remember the movements and you probably won’t enjoy the class.  The other thing is you will probably try too hard (I haven’t exercised in ages I better make this count).  If that happens you may injure yourself or it will be really hard and you probably won’t enjoy it so you won’t do any exercise again for a while.  Consistency is key.

3. Workout with other people!

I get it, some of us are complete introverts.  But I think the worst time to invoke the shyness card is regarding exercise.  If you make a date with a friend to work out then you are more likely to do it so you don’t let the team down.  And, I can see in my group classes that the level of support and camaraderie really increases both confidence and the amount of fun everyone has.  And don’t worry about looking silly in front of others.  Believe me, everyone is paying more attention to themselves to notice you! 🙂

By the way – do you know that I have a free Facebook group called Everyday Vitality?  This group is for people who realise it is THEIR time to stop over-giving and feeling depleted and are ready to commit to themselves. To know who they are and how to take care of themselves so that they are happy, healthy and empowered.  If that sounds like you, click on the link to join.