I realise that the statement “everything happens for a reason” can be quite polarising.  I’ve said it quite a lot over the years and I would say that I am on the side of “yes, I think most things do happen for a reason”.  But if you ask me to explain the Malaysian Airline disappearance or the Sydney Siege, I don’t think that would be an appropriate response.

Over the last the 6 months or so, I’ve had a lot of bad luck, or I’ve been accident prone, or I’ve been cursed.  I’m not sure what the cause has been – but I’ve sprained my ankle (this has taken about 4 months to fully heal), I’ve been attacked by a couple of dogs (dachshunds no less and if you think that’s impossible you haven’t met the 2 I met!), I’ve suffered from a wry neck (pure agony) and on the 3rd of January this year I came off my bike which has resulted in a badly sprained wrist and a shoulder that is doing its best to freeze. The other night at one of my boxing classes a client suggested she shouldn’t hang around me any more because my bad luck might rub off on her.  I assured her that she should stick with me – if anyone as going to get injured I would most certainly take the fall!

By now you are wondering why I am boring you with this tale of woe.  Fair call.  This series of events has taught me a lot about persistence, empathy and innovation.

All of these things have happened while I’ve been getting my final qualifications for the fitness side of the business.  I admit that sometimes I feel like a fraud because I can’t do half the things I am asking of my clients.  I can’t box, I can’t plank, I can’t downward facing dog.  But all of these injuries have meant that I’ve had to get less involved with the active side of the business and more invested in the teaching and observing side of training.  I have been able to help my clients learn the best form when doing core yoga.  I’ve had to innovate with a circuit when I have 3 people come to boxing.  I am much more understanding of people’s aches and pains.  I know what it feels like to come back to exercise after a long break.  I actually know that it can be scary and bring feelings of anxiousness.

So although I am sure this bad luck is in the past, I am glad (to some extent) that it happened because I am sure it has made me a better fitness coach as a result.

When has something happened for a reason to you?  I’d love to hear about it in the comments section below.