In this week’s video, I give you 6 steps to help you get past discomfort so you can have a body (and life) that you love.



Recently I have been surveying the women that follow my Facebook page & emails and I came across a response that I just had to address…  “Why won’t I take the first step?”

I totally understand how that feels.  Life sometimes feels like a series of “first steps” with no guarantees of success.  But dealing with a little bit of discomfort can totally transform your life.

I felt this recently when I decided to make an upgrade in my business…

I needed some help to manage bookings for classes but worried that I wouldn’t be able to afford the help (plus, who am I to get an assistant?).

But I used the 6-step process to help me make the decision and my new Bookings Concierge, Jem, has been the best thing ever.



So, what is this 6-step process to get you past discomfort?


  1. Spend some time deciding what you actually want in your life, for your body, for YOU (forget HOW right now and focus on what it is you WANT and how that will make you feel)
  2. Write down what could be pleasurable about getting what you want – the process, the outcome
  3. Write down what could be painful about getting what you want (usually the process)
  4. Now write down what is painful about not getting what you want.
  5. Make a decision right now that the pleasure is way more valuable to you and take the first step to getting what you want.
  6. Find a way to remind yourself every day of what you want and the pleasure it will give you to get it.

And voilà, just like that you’ve created your INTENTION – the first part of the Body Love Method!



Making big changes can feel stressful which is why I am hosting a free webinar all about stress.

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