The Body Love Summit – Day 5

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Toolkit with Ashley Whiting

Ashley Whiting is the owner of Ashley’s Alchemy and a doTERRA Wellness Advocate, supporting a large team.
After a very stressful couple of years, Ash knew things had to change as she was constantly getting sick. She turned to natural options, more specifically essential oils to help with healing. Ashley had always loved aromatherapy and now loves essentials oils so much she is using them full time and teaching others how to integrate them into their everyday lives.

Ashley has learned a lot about balance over the past few years and I love her idea of a toolkit to support her own quest for Body Love, “oils in one hand, chocolate in the other!”


Ashley has very graciously offered to teach anyone the wonders of doTerra in a personalised class or workshop and the first 6 lucky people will also receive a goodie bag.  Please email Ashley –

Movement with Chloe Pedley

Chloe Pedley is a qualified doula, personal trainer and specialises in pregnancy and post-natal fitness.
She believes in positive body image, strength, and mobility, and works each day to help women EAT because they love themselves, MOVE because they love themselves and THINK because they love themselves.
Chloe is the founder of Polkadotsi and firmly believes that all bodies are good bodies and that all women deserve to feel beautiful, confident and strong.

As Chloe says in the interview, “there are so many reasons for us to move our body that have nothing to do with weight loss”


Chloe has offered us her e-book Restore The Core for FREE!  You can download your copy by clicking the button below and following the prompts.

Want to share your a-ha’s or have more questions?  Please comment below.


  1. Lisa-Maree Ellett

    Loved Ashley’s talk
    Great ideas and inspiration
    Chloe’s ideas fabulous for mothers

    • Emma Polette

      Yeah Ash was great. And I love Chloe’s activism streak too – Emma x

  2. Robyn

    Hi Ashley,
    Thanks for your session. Which sandalwood do you use in your blend (and what’s the difference between Indian & Hawaiian), it sounds lovely!

    • Emma Polette

      Hi Robyn – I asked Ashley your question and this was her response:

      “I used Indian sandalwood as I found I preferred that smell at the time..the Hawaiian sandalwood is a much heavier and denser oil and has a deeper smell.. either would work. The difference is obviously they are grown in different places which means they have different chemical constituents and work on different emotional levels.. both are woody and grounding but in different levels. I can look it up further should she question it but I just went with what I felt good with at the time.”

      Thanks so much for commenting and watching the Summit. – Emma x


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