Is this coffee mug half full or half empty?  (Quick shout out to my friend Grace for this gorgeous coffee cup!)

The other day a patient at the clinic I work at called me a “glass half full” sort of person.  And I was chuffed!  Our computer system had completely broken down (which could be a disaster).  But I had my trusty hero Dave looking after the problem and I also saw the situation as a fresh start… something the clinic needs.  I genuinely saw the crisis as an opportunity to improve things.  Which is what prompted the “glass half full” comment.  Eighteen months ago I would have been on the floor in a heap if this had happened.  And no one would have been able to convince me that it would be ok.

So what has changed?  Lots of things.  Eighteen months ago I was working in career that did not match my personal values and had me hopping on a plane every other week.  I was not nurturing myself with good food,  I was snacking on sugar to keep me energised, I was using the free booze on the plane to soothe myself and I would go days without a conversation that did not relate to my work.  Then I had a minor car accident which resulted in a pretty bad concussion.  I was trying to live this unhealthy life with a brain injury.  So of course, something had to give.  And that was my adrenal system.  One day I rocked up to my chiropractor in so much pain and fatigue that a simple eye test he did was agony and made me break down and cry.  I was absolutely exhausted.  Luckily my Chiro in Sydney is the best and he nurtured me back to some semblance of  health.  But it was around this time that I started to think about making some big changes in my life.  Which has led me here, to Albany and back to being a “glass half full girl”.

The Adrenal system of the body regulates the production of cortisol and adrenaline in the body.  These are known as stress hormones.  If you are constantly on the go, drink too much coffee, don’t sleep enough and eat badly you will have too much cortisol in your system.  This can lead to tummy fat, reduced function of the immune system, faster aging and general exhaustion.

So try to limit you coffee intake to one a day and you might find that the glass stays half full for longer!