Introducing my Core Yoga class, blending the ancient principles of Yoga with the modern precision of Pilates for a dynamic and inspiring class that will strengthen and streamline the body, enhance posture and body awareness, reduce tension and stress, and build strength and support in the abdomen and low back for better overall health and wellbeing.

Core Yoga is a body/mind fusion that blends strength, stamina, flexibility, breathwork, and meditation, offering movements from both the Yoga and Pilates traditions which, along with dynamic breathwork and focussed awareness will purify and balance the body/mind.  Core Yoga utilizes Vinyasas (flow) connecting elements to link together a sequence of movements that not only bring strength and flexibility to the body, but as each individual develops their practice a more dynamic flow will ensure that there is a cardiovascular component to the program as well.

Classes are $16 or 10 for $130.  You can come once a week at the same time or multiple times a week.  The choice is yours.  Plus you can also come to circuit or boxing using the same pass!

Classes are held at the following times:

Sunday 8.00am

Wednesday 7.00pm

Friday 6.15am (express 45 min class)

Friday 4.45pm

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