I’m house sitting for 3 weeks. It’s a gorgeous architect designed home close to town. Which is fantastic – it shaves my commute to work down from 14 minutes to 6 minutes! My brother Dave comes back from Europe this weekend, and until then I’m living alone (except for this crazy cat). I haven’t lived alone since I left Sydney 7 months ago. I must admit I’m enjoying it – especially as I have the kitchen all to myself! But I am also really looking forward to Davy’s return.  I need someone to help me with all the eating (and the dishes)!


Crazy cat

While I was in Sydney I noticed a common theme.  Everyone seemed to own the cookbook Jerusalem by Yotam Ottolenghi and Sami Tamimi.  I have been in love with Ottonlenghi since his book Plenty and I had ordered his latest one before I left Sydney so it would be here in Albany when I got here.  And to my delight, it was.  At the time I spent a good few hours marking all the recipes I wanted to make (as you can see in the picture below) but I hadn’t gotten around to actually trying any.  Until now.

My challenge this week is to try one new recipe from this book every day.  So far I have made two and they have both been wonderful.  I still really wish I could convey aromas through this blog because everything smells amazing.  I left the house briefly while I was cooking tonight and when I returned I almost swooned at the fragrance wafting from the kitchen.

This weekend I will share with you my thoughts on the recipes I have tried and I will provide you with one whole recipe to cook for yourself.  I’m not going to tell you them all because I really think the book is worth buying for yourself!  Go on, you deserve it.