Yesterday I was chatting to my new friend Rumeena about a woman we both know who is visiting her son here in Albany from Italy and already has a big group of friends.  I wanted to know how she met these people.  Rumeena told me that a complete stranger came up to her in the supermarket and told her she had fantastic hair.  They got chatting and a friendship was made.  How amazing are compliments? There is a huge art to these things, both in the giving and receiving.

How many of you shy away from receiving compliments, rebuff the giver and don’t accept them gracefully?  Lot’s of people do that.  And I’ve always thought it is a shame.  Accepting compliments is a great gift for your self-esteem and it recognises the person who has complimented you. And you might even make a new friend!

As for giving compliments – how many times have you thought “wow, I love her lipstick”, or “I wish I was that composed speaking in public” and then not said anything?  I do it all the time.  So yesterday, Rumeena and I vowed to compliment strangers more.

And then a funny thing happened today at the Albany Farmer’s market.  (On a slight tangent – the market is probably the busiest place I’ve seen so far in Albany.  It has amazing local produce and a happy, vibrant buzz.  It’s going to be my new Saturday morning hangout).  I’d just bought a coffee and was waiting in line for bread and a completely stranger comes running up to me and says, “oh, I thought I’d lost you.  I saw you in line at the coffee cart and wanted to ask you where you got your bag.  I love it!”  The bag in question was a shopping bag I had got at a local supermarket in Queenstown NZ while on holidays there with mum.  This woman’s compliment not only made me feel special in a busy group of shoppers but it also reminded me of a great holiday and a place that I love.  In short – it gave me a little high.  What a great start to the weekend!  And reinforcement of the decision Rumeena and I made to compliment others more.

My haul from the Farmer's Market (including THAT bag)

My haul from the Farmer’s Market (including THAT bag)