Have you ever thought about how much you chew your food?  I must admit I never had before this week.  My studies have brought me to this topic and it’s a really interesting one…
The Macrobiotic philosophy preaches that you should chew each bite of food 100 times before swallowing.  Ok, ok, before you spit your coffee all over your computer screen thinking “Emma has waaaay too much time on her hands…” please read on.
Perhaps chewing a bite 25 times is more manageable?  There are so many benefits.
  Most of us eat because we love it, right?  Chewing well gives your brain time to register what it is eating and really enjoy it!  
It also takes our brain around 20 minutes to register that it is full so if you take the time to chew well, you might not need to eat so much!
Chewing properly means that a lot of the digestion process has already happened once the food hits the stomach which can lead to fewer intestinal problems.
And when we chew our mouths release an enzyme called amylase which makes complex carbohydrates, such as rice and quinoa, taste sweeter and also releases the best of their nutritients.
So take the chewing challenge today – chew 25 times per bite and let me know what you think!