Recently I was asked to be the exercise expert for Mama B HQ which is a Facebook community for mums.

Often mums have been taught that their value is in caring for others. At Mama B they’re flipping that around; breaking the stereotype that a mother’s role is to look after everyone else. Mama B is here to help mums look after themselves first.  If this resonates with you you can join the community here.

During the launch week I was asked to present on the topic of how to exercise when life is crazy busy.  So here’s the presentation.  I hope you enjoy it!

5 top tips to exercise even when you’re crazy busy!

If tip #4 resonates with you (finding a way to exercise at home) and you’d like to keep yourself accountable, then book an online personal training session with me.  You’ll also receive a recording of the workout so you can do it at home over and over again!  Check out the booking information here.