One of the hardest things I come across as a health coach (and as a member of a fairly fussy family) is changing people’s preconceived ideas of what foods they don’t like. Recently I had a small win with my brother. The only 2 things he doesn’t like to eat are raw zucchini & cucumber. I have now convinced him that he does like zucchini because no one eats it raw. Am I right? I believe so. So now Davy only dislikes cucumber. Not bad considering he is a Polette.

I’ve also recently cured myself of a childhood ‘dislike’ – Brussels Sprouts. Growing up, my dad was the only person in my family who was served them because the rest of us didn’t like them. I don’t remember if I ever tried them and actually made that decision. But I know I hated the smell.

Fast forward 30 years and while at the Farmer’s markets last week Dave picked up a bag and said “should we get these?” Trying to be a good example I said yes. And because I hate to waste food I has to cook them. All I did was bake them with olive oil, salt and pepper and they were delicious! I had to have them again mere days later. I do believe they are so tasty that I could quite happily much on them while watching a movie. And they are much more nutritious than popcorn!

Have you recently tried a childhood dislike and surprised yourself? Tell me about it in the comments below!