My tummy hurts…  I’ve over-indulged over the weekend and it’s pretty uncomfortable…  My skin looks dull and has broken out.  Plus it’s only 4.30 pm and I am ready for bed but I’ve got to struggle through the rest of my work day.  As I mentioned recently, I’ve fallen a bit behind with my healthy eating (and drinking) habits and I am really in need of a reboot.  So on Sunday, along with a number of my clients, I embark on an 11 day detox.  And I really can’t wait.

Whether you want to refer to it as a clean eating plan or a detox, I think doing one of these every few months is great.  It means that you reinforce and practice all the good habits that you know you should be doing and also feel so much better in the process.  You tend to hold onto the new habits for a while and then, as is human nature, you slowly sink back into some not-so-healthy habits before detoxing again.

The reason I love my plan so much is that it’s not full of deprivation.  Yes, it is best to avoid alcohol, sugar, dairy and grains but if something happens in the middle of the 11 days then you dust yourself off and just get back on the horse.  Plus I will be making notes about what feels good and reinforcing to myself why I deserve to treat myself so well.

So, wish me (and my peeps) luck plus there is still time to join us if you are interested!