The Body Love Bootcamp

Are you sick of the constant barrage of weight loss messages (but secretly hate your body anyway)?


Is it time to embrace true Body Love?


On one side you don’t agree with eating 1200 calories a day, giving up cake for life, or getting up at 5am for a killer workout at the gym.

Life’s too short for that!

BUT… on the other hand you have the media telling you you aren’t beautiful enough just the way you are, you have a partner who likes to squeeze your flabby bits when he’s trying to be cute, and when (or should I say if) you look in the mirror all you see is stretch marks and cellulite.

You know you should love your body unconditionally but there is no way you would wear a bikini in public.  NO WAY!  (BTW you don’t have to!)

How do you love your body when you have all these conflicting emotions about it?

Does the love part count when it’s tinged with more than a little hate?

Does this sound like you?

  • I really hate my belly, but I also really love my food – how can I balance that out?
  • I feel guilty for prioritising my fitness because I’m already so busy with work that I never seem to have time with my family.
  • I lack any energy to read the book my husband recommends even though I want to have something to talk about besides the kids or the reno.  I wasn’t this tired 5 years ago.
  • I am constantly criticised by that inner voice because I haven’t looked after myself (or anyone else for that matter) perfectly for more than a day in a row.
  • I’ve been punishing my body with fad diets & extreme exercise followed by doing nothing at all for way too long (decades in fact).  There must be another way.

How I transformed from an exhausted perfectionist who punished & hated her body, into living an effortlessly healthier & calmer life – with barely any negative self-talk!


In 2012, I left a stressful corporate career and living in Sydney to move to Albany, Western Australia where I studied to become a health coach, yoga teacher & personal trainer.

Since then I have worked with hundreds of women who, like me, needed tools to heal themselves from the 24/7 negative self-talk, steady weight gain and exhaustion.  I’ve helped them (and myself) become stronger, healthier women that really enjoy life to the full.  Once you’ve learned to love your body, it offers so much freedom for other things.  For creativity, to try something new and to live life without the constant negative self-talk.

I don’t expect everyone I work with to leave their current lives and make a big sea change like me.  Let’s face it – life is pretty awesome.  You have your family and friends and a career.  But I know the things you can do to make life much more enjoyable and to quieten that mean voice that wakes you up at night (and accompanies your every waking moment).

 I know for me when I ignored that inner dialogue it only got worse.


That negative soundtrack is always there, always bringing you down. So, you try the full-on diet and exercise program – which lasts for a couple of weeks until the next mini crisis at the office or at home takes over. Fitness Gurus like Michelle Bridges never account for women like you who need to project manage everything at work AND at home.

Life get’s overwhelming and you do nothing for a while… not wanting to deny yourself the good things in life like red wine and chocolate (anyway you’ve failed at the diet with that takeaway so what’s the point?). You take those extra few minutes sleep in the morning rather than going for a quick walk around the block. Hell, you deserve it after all the work you do for everyone else.


Plus, doesn’t loving your body unconditionally mean you can eat what you want and ditch the exercise?

C’mon, we know the truth. All that does is make the waistband of your favourite skirt tighter and tighter which ramps up that inner dialogue all over again…

Plus, you can’t live the life of your dreams living on donuts and Netflix… you know that!

There’s gotta be another way…

body love bootcamp

The most significant change I noticed during the program was my diet.  How eating wholefoods helped to clear my mind.  No more foggy head or tiredness at random times during the day.  My energy is boosted and I am feeling awesome.  I knew I need a drastic change in my habits and while it was scary at times Emma was with me each step of the way encouraging me and guiding me to the best path for me.

Peggy Quarmby

Office Manager

Back in the olden days (i.e. before I left Sydney in 2012) I was the ultimate perfectionist – with a strong, mean internal dialogue that kept me on the diet/exercise treadmill.  With all the stresses of work, keeping house, maintaining relationships and obtaining the perfect body, plus that pesky self-talk, I self-medicated with chocolate & wine pretty much every day.  I was just keeping my head above water and my body, my health and my confidence were paying the price.


After a couple of years of denial, chocolate & wine binges and some surgeries for a chronic illness fuelled by stress, I finally realised that my own health and healing had to come first.  I quit my corporate job, moved to Albany and started to re-educate myself as a health coach, personal trainer and yoga teacher.  What I now know to be true is that healthy food, gentle exercise and mindfulness are the keys to living a life of freedom.  Freedom from the mean inner voice, guilt, long-term stress, trips to the doctor and obsession over the scales.


These days I am living exactly the life I want. I wake up bursting with energy. Ok that’s a lie. I wake up with messy hair, bleary eyes and my dog trying to kiss me. But in less than 10 minutes I’m good to go! I fuel myself with healthy food, regular treats, some excellent red wine and I gently move my body almost every day.  I can honestly say I completely love my body and I take steps every day to nourish it like it deserves.. And I’ve never been happier.

Here’s what people say about working with me

My diet is now excellent and my whole outlook on life has been transformed for the better.  Emma helped me tweak some thought processes and my stress has drastically reduced. 

Bethaney Kidman

Contract Administrator

body love bootcamp

Through working with busy, stressed women who have love/hate relationships with their bodies, my hundreds of hours of study in fitness, yoga and coaching and my own healing journey, I have created


The Body Love Bootcamp


a 3 phase system delivered as a private 12-week coaching program for women who are ready to let go of treating their bodies badly and empower themselves for life.


I only have 5 spots available!



So, Now It’s Your Turn

When you join the “Body Love Bootcamp”, you’ll get someone (ME!) to help you learn to truly love your body and in turn improve your health and vitality and minimize the inner dialogue to an occasional whisper.


Imagine this…


  • Discovering food that fuels and nourishes your unique body without long term deprivation or dieting
  • Learning to love exercise again (or even for the first time!) by finding out what works for you and how to prioritise it in your crazy schedule
  • Uncovering the “secrets” to cherishing your body & your life and dampening down the inner voice that tells you that you aren’t beautiful enough just the way you are – secrets like meditation, a morning routine, ditching the scales and truly managing stress, rather than just enduring it.


It all comes as part of the Body Love Bootcamp 3-phase system.


Phase one is about truly engaging in the process. Deciding that learning to love your body will ultimately empower you to live a life free from self-judgement and full of self-care.  In this phase, you will learn the power of intention setting, how to declutter and release old thought patterns and how to stay positive (more often than not).

In the second phase, I will teach you practical tools you can use forever to keep you feeling balanced, strong and confident.  Each of these techniques is scientifically proven to increase feelings of positivity towards life and your own body and will help to improve your overall health & well-being.  It’s time for you to believe you are worth it.


In the final phase, you will learn all the practical tips I can teach you about exercise, eating well, self-care and creating great habits.  In the LOVE phase, we will develop a personalised wellness plan that suits you, your body and your busy lifestyle.

The 12 steps in the Bootcamp system will empower you for LIFE. When you fall off the healthy living bandwagon (and it happens to all of us!) you will have the resources and lessons from this program to get back on track.  And never again will you need to fall into the diet & deprivation trap because you will love yourself and your body way too much for that to happen, ever again.

Are you ready to embrace Body Love?

You have a choice to make: Do what you’ve been doing – going hard or doing nothing at all and letting your inner dialogue derail you whatever you do.  You know where that will lead. Is that really where you want to go?

Or, take a new action, and get a new result. Finally free yourself and become the woman you have always meant to be.  Confident, happy, calm and with a body you truly love.

Which do you really want for yourself?

Here’s what to do now… Book your free Body Love Consultation with me.  Let’s see if working together is right for us.

The Body Love Bootcamp 12-week program includes:

body love bootcamp

12 x 30-minute private coaching sessions that take you through each of the 12 steps in the Body Love System

12 weeks Basic Access to The Body Love Club.  This includes weekly workouts, recipes and meditations (Valued at $180)

Various handouts, resources, reading recommendations and more.

24/7 email support (I will respond usually within 24 hours) where you can ask me questions, rant about what’s holding you back, share your successes or just get the support you need.

PLUS – this Body Love System will empower you for LIFE.  You won’t need another wellness resource because you will learn everything you need in this program.

The Body Love Bootcamp Private 12-week Coaching program is

$999 or 3 monthly payments of $399.

But this program is not for everyone! I only want to work with women who are committed to transforming their lives – who want to give up the body loathing, the inaction, the donuts & Netflix lifestyle (or flogging themselves at the gym).

body love bootcamp

After finishing the 8-week program I now have clearer skin and increased energy plus an improved outlook and a much tighter bum 🙂

Thanks Emma!  You’ve been a game-changer.  I know your wisdom will stay with me forever.

Amanda Rose

Mother & Graphic Designer

Emma reminds you that what you put into your body is an important factor which can affect what you experience.  I also found her really good at ensuring all aspects of my life were in balance – not just my nutrition but my everyday experience.

Laura Rogers

Digital Marketing Manager

The Body Love Bootcamp Private 12-week Coaching program is

$999 or 3 monthly payments of $399.